Ingrid on stage at Second City's DeMaat Theater

Join Ingrid on a journey of trials met with humor,

pain muted by joy, and the absurd kind of amusement

that only the world of medicine could provide.

Have fun with her, as she tries to discover

how she’ll next use her peculiar identity

to do the reinvention that illness demands.

“Thank you, Ingrid, for telling your story. As someone with a chronic illness who's been misdiagnosed many a time, it really resonated with me. Hearing your story, I felt less alone in my experiences and inspired by your strength and humor. It's a very important story and I'm grateful that I got the chance to hear it.” 

Lauren N

Did everyone really do this blond 'fro thing in the '70s or was Ingrid just looking to make up for lost time....um, hair'?

Life as a bald teenager is just one of the stories that illuminates what medical intervention might really mean in the life of an individual.


I AM A ZEBRA pursues its vision by using improvisational theater writing and performance techniques to develop personal stories into collaborative experiences and performance art, that:

  • allows the storyteller to rediscover their own experiences through varied lenses
  • enables the storyteller to 'experience' the other characters in their own stories
  • moves the storyteller into a position of power which social roles might otherwise inhibit
  • supports the storyteller in gleaning wisdom from their experiences and sharing it with others

Providers, policy makers and consumers in the worlds of medicine and healthcare will be in relationship with each other and collaborate in decision-making in a manner that is informed by each others' history, place, cultural space and aspirations.

 “ ‘Zebra’ is such an educational experience (whether the therapy/medical profession wants to experience it or not!).”

Jane C, Retired

person w/ an amputation

​​​Learn more about Ingrid and contact her to find out how she can craft a performance art learning experience - with a dose of humor - that will speak to your learners. 

​​An (Almost) One Person Sketch Show

Written by Ingrid Masterton                                           ​

Directed by Jessica Mitolo of Second City Chicago

“ Many thanks to Ingrid for sharing her story, which moved the crowd to laughter, tears, and amazement. A special thanks to all who attended as your presence helped to raise over $1000 to support Illinois PT research”.
Illinois Physical Therapy Association

Revitalize Recap 2018 (annual statewide conference)

The Ringmaster will have you chuckling, chortling, even guffawing along with doing some snide snickering, as together we’ll experience a comical, absurd and bewildering, spectacle of sights, sounds, smells and emotions. In this (almost) one-person sketch show, everyone will be in stitches as we have a hilariously biting encounter with the marvelous…really inconceivable…almost unbelievable, show of shows that is, the American healthcare system! 


Connect with me  and let's discuss a performance art learning experience that would work for your learners or, to find a planned performance that might speak to you, click Performance/Events



What a way to process the profound and the absurd".

Kathy L

breast cancer survivor

"Brilliant, powerful, edgy, funny…

nothing quite like it”  

Kim G, MD


“ Ingrid masterfully presents a world of conflict and decision-making. Occasionally, we as health providers and future health providers find ourselves as patients and recipients of healthcare. It can be uncomfortable and confusing when we, as healthcare recipients, are not aligned with those charged with our personal health care, and systems work against us. This wonderful show brings these conflicts into the open and creates a meaningful and poignant dialogue using humor and fact”.
Roberta O’Shea PhD PT

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, College of Health and Human Services,  Governors State University


Performance Art for Learning in the Worlds of Medicine and Healthcare

“What resonated most for me as a health professional student was the ‘tumor rounds’ bit. It is too easy to label patients by their disease and forget that they’re people” 

Brandon D, health professional student

​​​​​Oops, that little hardware fracture seemed to have
escaped more than 5 physicians who reviewed the film. 

What does that do to the confidence of a client in the medical establishment and how can a physician regain that trust?

Come to a world without parallel! A world full of amazing people who do amazing things! 

Let me know: 

  • who your learners are 
  • what the learning objectives are
  • the context of the learning experience

Broadly speaking, this might be anything from:

  • a brief sketch during 'rounds', dramatizing a real stakeholder's experience 
  • to a theater performance, dramatizing 'a life' that's been immersed in the worlds of medicine and healthcare
  • ​to a stand up routine designed specifically for your audience
  • to an interactive workshop using improv to facilitate communication, relationship building, collaborative decision-making and resilience. And/or sketch writing and/or performance for learners to better explore their own experiences and how they inform their present situation of learning, providing or receiving medical or healthcare


A Curiously Entertaining Story of Illness   

A One-Person Show

Written & Performed by

   Ingrid Masterton

Coached and Directed by

   Anne Marie Scheffler of Second City Toronto