Ingrid Masterton PT MS

Principal Creator and Performer


Performance Art for Learning in the Worlds of Medicine and Healthcare



"I really, really enjoyed your show!!!! I actually found it quite intimate and touching and at the same time being quite funny"


 “I loved it! It was a very funny and clever show”

"Amazing on so many levels"


“I found myself laughing, until I found myself really thinking…”

 “We both enjoyed the show. Congratulations on this fascinating work”

 “…inspiring and thought provoking.”

 “Ingrid talks about her life, her ongoing struggles, and all manner of different aspects of healthcare. Thought-provoking, heartstring pulling, AND funny”

 “A powerful show”

“ You were amazing last night! We really enjoyed your show....You are one heck of an incredible lady!

 “We enjoyed your show thoroughly”

 “I enjoyed the play, even as I marveled at your journey and your stamina”

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Audience members have been very moved by  

I AM A ZEBRA: A Curiously Entertaining Story of Illness

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